Young Man

Last night I filled in for the children's teacher (a.k.a. Gram) at church, and honestly I've been dreading it ever since she asked me. Teaching is not my thing. Kids are not my thing (except for my own, of course). There is a very good reason I didn't choose teaching as a profession: entertaining kids terrifies me. But it was actually kind of fun. I enjoyed listening to all the chatter among the boys and girls as they did their worksheet, and I enjoyed seeing them learn something. I also saw my 4 year old try to boss everyone else around while simultaneously repeating literally every word that came out of the other kid's mouths. And the 7 year old in our household had a running commentary for everything. Serious motor mouth. At one point, I asked if he would like to just teach the lesson himself, and then I addressed him as "young man." He looked at me like I was crazy, and I thought, "I've finally turned into a crazy old adult."



Oh boy. I'm not sure I would have kept my cool if it were *my* young man doing that!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Ha! I LOVE that you used the phrase "young man!" I've said "young lady" once or twice around here, and as *soon* as it's out of my mouth, I want to slap myself. Oh, the things we swore we'd never say...

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