Super Bowl Weekend

Our weekend started out Friday with Korean food followed by ice cream from Sweet CeCe's. At Sweet CeCe's, you make your own ice cream creations. Camden chose Ginger Lemon Sorbet with gummy bears and a cherry. Seriously, out of everything he could have chosen, ginger lemon sorbet doesn't exactly sound like a 7 year old. Brian and I had had chocolate covered espresso beans in our ice cream and Rory chose chocolate ice cream with gummy bears. Lots of fun!

Saturday Rory and I attended a spa birthday party with 16 little girls. It was so cute and fun, and I completely forgot my camera. The mothers gave manicures, pedicures, and facials complete with chilled cucumber slices for the eyes. Rory loved it! Brian and Camden stayed home and to celebrate having a "guy's night" we let Camden watch the original Star Wars for the first time. His Star Wars obsession is now kicked into high gear after seeing the movie. And again, complete fail on taking pictures of his big night.

Sunday was church, and then we spent the afternoon getting ready for our annual Lemons-Lewis Superbowl party. Okay, really all that means is lots of fun food and watching the game together, but it's become our tradition and this was the last year since we'll be in Texas for the 2012 Super Bowl. Most of us were rooting for the Steelers and came away disappointed, but Rory, Gram and Gramps were happy with the outcome.

Camden is out of school today (teacher workday), which works out nicely since he and Rory were up very late last night and cranky this morning. I've got them planted in front of the TV; it's cold and rainy outside so we just may have ourselves a pajama day today.

And the few pictures I did take this weekend:

I'm finding this scene more and more often as Camden continues to love reading. Rory's not always thrilled to listen, but sometimes she sits still long enough.

Michael and Liz brought a case of rootbeer as well as some other fun flavored sodas from the World Market for our Super Bowl party. Did you know chocolate soda tastes like tootsie rolls and was actually alot better than anticipated. The Black Cherry was the favorite, though.

And Rory showing off her manicure from the party. She is quite proud of her green and blue nails with white polka dots, not to mention her silver toenails with pig stickers. :)



And for my Joy of Love assignment: what they wear.


OK, that second picture of Rory and her nails makes me want to say "Yo, yo, yo... what UP Rory-girl?!" :-)

Sounds like a fabulous weekend. We focused on surviving. That is all. Sad.
Elizabeth Frick said…
I *love* the photo of them reading together! What a sweet scene to see in your home :)
And soda that tastes like tootsie rolls? Mmm...
Joy said…
Love that second photo of Rory! : )
Writing from TEXAS! saying were praying for you and looking forward to meeting you and you're beautiful kids! Collette was telling me about your blog so I had to come check it out. I can't wait to look back at your amazing journey ove the years. Best Wishes!

Heather Cox
KrisJ said…
Love Love those photos!! What a fun weekend!

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