A New Dishwasher

Is this what you were expecting? This would be me taking full advantage of the fact that Camden thinks it's fun to wash dishes. It's a good skill to learn and he feels helpful (even though our real dishwasher is fully functioning).

Totally cracked up when I uploaded this picture to the computer. I *think* this was right after naptime one day this week. (probably Wednesday since Camden is in school clothes and that's the only day he attended)

And yesterday I pulled out a couple of old pictures to scrap.

Gina Miller: Haberdashery

And because you definitely need to see this one close up (I just might have let out an audible "awwww" when I opened it). Camden was exactly 4 years old here and only wanted to drink Gatorade at his soccer games. And totally unrelated fact, I'm DYING to sign Rory up for soccer but because our spring is going to be so full (you know, TEXAS!) that we decided that one kid in sports is all we can handle. But when we hit Texas, there is going to be some sort of sport/gymnastics/karate, something for her (and for me to take pictures of).

And another old picture - this one's from 2008 and Rory had been home 3 months.

Sahlin Studio: I'll Love You Forever

P.S. Yes, we're having yet another snow day #14. Not that I'm counting.


Soccer-cleated Camden made me awe out loud as well... SO LITTLE and SO CUTE!
Jodi said…
I always love your pictures! My 6 year old son, Cade, loves doing the "hand washing", too, and has even been known to dissolve into tears because I just finished them and didn't ask him to do it. LOL!
Krista said…
Camden is so little in those pictures!
And what's with water and bubbles and little boys - Alex loves it too! Let's see if he has the same love for washing when he is 16... sigh.

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