Joy of Love: Playing Catch-Up


I started off strong, but have let the daily assignments get away from me, so here are a few that I've completed. And, yes, you'll notice I've skipped a few. I hope to make them up before the month is over.

Day 05: Love to Hate
Brian is notorious for turning the wrong burner on the stove and ruining things. Exhibit A. :)

Day 06: Who They Love
Poor Aunt "Wiz" has always been second to Uncle Michael, but the last few weeks, she's been Rory's favorite.

Day 09: Passions and Hobbies
Camden loves to draw, and will spend a long time drawing very intricate Star War's figures and various army scenes and then spend an even longer time describing them to you.

Day 12: Their Eyes
(you just might see more from this photo shoot later)

Day 13: Routines


Great photos!! And, uhm, I'm *WAY* behind... sigh.
Elizabeth Frick said…
ew, day 5 gave me the shivers!
Krista said…
LOVING Joy of Love! Such a fun thing to do! I'm behind like C - but I have 11 of the last 20 days done... that's not too bad right?

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