Family Walk

We try to make Thursdays family night, usually in the form of game night. But tonight Brian got home after a crazy day at school (he is having one seriously bad year) and needed some exercise and fresh air to relieve the stress. It's significant because it's the first time we've had a family walk in months (hello, cold weather) and it's also the first time Rory has walked instead of riding in the stroller. (And despite how much she begged to leave the stroller at home, she didn't last long and ended up on Brian's shoulders for most of it.)



Stunning photo! Sorry Brian has been having a rough year... :-(
Elizabeth Frick said…
What a sweet photo! I love the peaceful feeling of it.
So sorry about the tough year at school. That can be so taxing on one's spirit and, therefore, the whole family.
Krista said…
That is such a beautiful picture - I would love to have one of me and my boys like that - want to take a vacation to Stratford? It's Bieber's home town - could give you the official tour - including his locker at the highschool (there really is a tour WITH a map - serious)

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