Hard to Choose

It's hard for me to choose what my Project 365 picture for yesterday is going to be because I have two really fun ones.

First up is Camden. We were unloading groceries, and he was helping me. I carried some bags into the basement and when I came back, this is what I found. Lucky for me, the camera was in the car. Yes, that is a cereal box he's reading.
f2, 1/200SS, ISO 500

And then there's Rory. The kids played hard all morning, and then we spent the afternoon running errands, grocery shopping, as well as making a trip to the theater to see Gnomeo and Juliet (which they really liked, by the way). They played hard again after supper, took baths, and then I let them watch a movie in our bed. Yes, they saw a movie at the theater then came home and watched another. Don't judge. :) Rory apparently couldn't take all the excitement and fell asleep, something that rarely happens - neither of my kids fall asleep outside of their own beds very often. (And look at how sweaty she is - that is typical for her!)
f2, 1/60SS, ISO 1250

Definitely hard to choose my favorite.


Elizabeth Frick said…
I LOVE both pictures, but Rory's sweaty head really gets me - we have this picture of me when I was a wee one, asleep in a bean bag chair, drenched in my own sweat. Apparently, sleeping is VERY hard work :)
Oh, you're right... it is going to be tough! :-)

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