We've had issues the last couple of weeks with mice (or squirrels?) hanging out in our attic. Brian's made several trips up there (which is NOT easily accessible) and finally left some poison. The good news is that it apparently worked. The bad news is that they managed to get into the area above our family room, which was an addition to the house and there is no attic access. So half of our house reeks. When we got home from school yesterday and walked into the house, Camden made all the appropriate gagging noises and wanted to know what the smell was. Rory replied, "I think maybe it's my breath."


Shabby Miss Jenn: Captured

Lilypad collab: You Make Me Smile

Lauren Grier: Long Time Sunshine

Lauren Grier/Shawna Clingerman: Bestiest

Meghan Mullins: The February Digi Files


Boo to the stink! ICK. Aren't you glad you are moving right about now?! ;-)

Rory's comment though?! Priceless.
Joy said…
EEWWW! Hope you are able to remove the stinky critter! Love Rory's comment - silly girl!
Anonymous said…
Loved your scrap pages--the ones with Brian and the kids are especially good pictures!
Kresta said…
You are such an incredible scrapper! Your pages are always so gorgeous, and I love seeing them!

Yuck and sorry about the stink!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Love that Rory took one for the team, so to speak :)
KrisJ said…
Krista said…
Nasty! We have had a visiting squirrel at the library, but no smells... yet.

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