Snow Day #13

I was going through my LR catalog last night and saw these pictures from August. While I'm not usually one to wish the seasons away, I am definitely ready for some sunshine. I love both of their sunkissed little faces here. From a photography perspective, sunshine brings such a beautiful light to pictures and I didn't realize how much I was missing it until I went through some of our summer pictures.



There is not a whole lot on today's agenda besides trying to keep our sanity. Camden has been to school exactly 4 hours this week and I haven't left the house so there is a bit of cabin fever going on. Brian is going to attempt our taxes which means I'll be in charge of keeping the kids away from the paperwork. Cartoons just might be my friend today. I also might try to get caught up on my Joy of Love assignments. I'm sure the kiddos will be thrilled to help out with that. Insert lots of sarcasm here. :)

Valorie Wibbens/Jenn Barrette: Silly Girl


FOUR HOURS?! Yikes. That's a little intense. And a whole lot of quality time...

Sigh. I need to catch up as well... and start posting! ugh.
Krista said…
Sun... green... warmth... ahhh... wishing for that too.
After day 2 Matt was done with the Joy of Love assignments so I understand about your subjects being thrilled...

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