Sad Children

I almost laughed when I uploaded pictures from the camera this morning. Doesn't it look as if they're living such a sad life?

f2, 1/200 SS, ISO 1600

f2, 1/125 SS, ISO 1000

Camden was upset last night because his first baseball practice was canceled last minute due to severe weather. And Rory is sick. Not sick enough for the doctor yet, but sick enough to be miserable. And Rory does not do miserable well.

And for my camera-loving friends, notice the ISO on these pics. I'm learning to embrace higher ISO. I used to miss out on snapshots because I knew they wouldn't be great, but I'm choosing to embrace the imperfection (and higher ISO) that allows me to still take pictures at night. I'm slowly but surely learning that imperfect snapshots are so much more important than my selfish photography goals of perfect pictures every single time. Who am I kidding? They're rarely perfect, but they're my family's memories and that's so much better.

Sahlin Studio: Grunge


KrisJ said…
ISO is something I still dont mess with much so good for you! I sure hope that little miss feels better asap! Poor Campden, Kaden feels his pain!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Oh, those sad little faces! So pitiful :(
Hope tomorrow's happier!
Oh, those faces are so cute though!!!

And ROCK ON with going higher on the ISO!!!

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