Yesterday I got a glass of water from the faucet and Rory giggled and asked me why I was drinking fake water.

Our fridge and freezer died Wednesday night (and we had to throw away ALOT of food because we didn't notice it happening until everything was very thawed out). Luckily we have a spare fridge in the basement, but until we have time (and man-power) to move it upstairs, it is more than a little inconvenient.

We are horrible parents. Camden's progress report came in several weeks ago and as usual, his grades are nearly perfect. Here comes the horrible part: we've become so accustomed to it that we didn't even acknowledge it until this week. Seriously, we are horrible. Resolving to not let that happen again.

The kids have both LOVED having warmer weather this week. Camden is practicing baseball every night and Rory tries to play baseball with him. Key word is try.

Survivor started a new season this week and Boston Rob and Russell are back. Am I too old to cut out a picture of Boston Rob and tape it to my wall? 

And speaking of reality TV: anyone else loving American Idol this season? I am enjoying J. Lo and Steven Tyler so much more than expected!

And a few pictures:

I stepped out of the kitchen for a minute during lunch and came back to this. Completely cracked me up.

Rory spent an hour one morning using her "ipod" and walking the stroller around the yard.

Rory hasn't quite mastered swinging by herself yet and Camden sometimes helps her out. I talk alot about the things I'm looking forward to in Texas, but something I'll miss from Tennessee is our huge front yard and this tree swing.

Watch out for the tree!

And I know I showed a smaller version of this earlier this week, but I just love this picture of Camden.


Brenna said…
So glad you'll be moving to Texas! It's a great place to be. And hopefully you can have another tree swing when you get here ~ that picture is precious!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Ha! I didn't know you were a Survivor fan too! We should gab about this season as it unfolds. :)
Joy said…
LOVE the picture of Camden!
Dina said…
Your kids are getting so big! Don't feel bad, lots of "parent of the year" moments in our house too!
I love that photo of Camden too! :-)

Great random moments. Except the fridge thing... I've been there and that is the complete opposite of great!
Krista said…
What a great week - minus the failing fridge and freezer.

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