Valentine's Recap

Since I literally left the house ONE time last week (and that was only to drop Camden off at school, while still in my p.j.'s), I decided that yesterday I needed to get everything done outside the house that was left undone last week. So Rory and I dropped Camden off at school then proceeded to hit the bank, drove to Nashville for a Target run (a little dangerous after not being outside the house last week), went to not one, but two libraries (because the first was out of Magic Tree House books and I want to keep feeding Camden's reading addiction to them), a stop at the mall, then lunch with a friend, moving on to NAFWB (the organization behind our church plant), rushed back to pick up Camden from school, and then spent 30 minutes at the post office. Tired yet?

(Side note: Cannot wait to live in the city. Living 45 minutes away and with gas more than $3/gallon makes what should be fun trips so rushed because I'm trying to get it all in)

(Another side note: Rory spent the day charming the pants off of everyone we came into contact with and acting as if she were 15. Seriously.)

Camden had a Valentine's Day party at school and he was so funny sitting in the middle of the floor reading word for word every single card. He started pulling favorites and handing them out to Brian and I - so sweet.

We did not really have Valentine's Day plans mostly because things have been busy and no available sitter, but we cooked these steaks and I made this dessert (yum!), put the kids in bed early and ate our dinner while watching Chuck. So romantic I know, but it was a good end to a very busy day for both of us.

And when we asked the kids what Valentine's Day was all about, Rory promptly answered "gifts." A girl after my own heart. :)

And my three Valentine's.


Joy said…
YES, you are going to love living in "civilization" again! LOL We are minutes from everything (including three malls) right now. I don't have to get on the interstate to go anywhere! But, Jason is wanting to buy a house "out" (if you're southern, you know what that means). So there would go my convenience and easy commute. Pooh! : )

Is it all starting to feel "real" now?
Oh man, I so hear you on the errands/making your gas $$ count. I'm so very over it!

On a happier note - I LOVE that photo... and your day sounds similar to mine... so, I guess I need to love that too?! ;-)
Elizabeth Frick said…
What a darling picture of your three valentines!
And girl, I don't know how you STAND not living in the city! We're addicted :)

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