Woke up this morning to 70 degrees. At 6:00. In February. In Tennessee. Which definitely means tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings all day. I'm not a big fan of having to leave Camden at school all day when there's severe weather, but I guess school is important. ;) We're also getting crazy rain. There is water everywhere. Since we didn't flood last year when our area received 17 inches within 48 hours, I'm not too concerned about flooding with 3-4 inches, but there are some huge puddles in our yard.

Speaking of thunderstorms (or "thunderthorms" as Rory says), Rory seems to have overcome her fear of storms overnight. Camden, on the other hand, who has never been scared of storms at all, is suddenly terrified. He calls them basement storms (since we've already had a trip to the basement over the weekend). Never a dull moment.

And one picture from the weekend: Brian was snoring on the couch while Camden tried to watch TV. I looked up, and he had his fingers in his ears. I feel your pain, buddy.

94. skyping with a friend who was sitting in the Seoul airport
95. lunch with a friend I can say anything to
96. my cute Rory sassing her way through the day
97. Camden's sweetness in sharing his Valentine goodies
98. for a Tuesday night spent with friends
99. a successful shopping trip
100. the sound of Camden playing in the shower
101. Rory's laughter as she listens to Brian read her a story
102. a family walk
103. safe trip to Missouri
104. Grandparents who celebrated 60 years of marriage
105. Spending time with family we haven't seen in many years
106. A fun day with the kiddos
107. slow days with plenty of time to complete my "to do" list
108. a new lens
109. a cheap fix for our refrigerator
110. Camden's excitement over his first baseball practice
111. for a reassuring first practice and patient coaches
112. for a long slow Saturday
113. for the message from Dr. Picirilli and his simple "you can."
114. for safety through a storm
115. for wonderful memories of Korea 3 years ago today
116. for a new CT gig


Elizabeth Frick said…
Can you believe that you already have more than 100 wonderful things on your list?! How awesome is that!
I love Camden plugging his ears. Um... does he know the irony there?
And we've had storms lately too! Silly spring. Stay safe!
Great shot of Camden! I love that you can see Brian's toes in the shot too!

Great list... oh, how I wish I was the friend at the seoul airport!

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