Happy 60th Anniversary

As soon as Brian got off school Friday, we packed up the car and headed to Missouri to celebrate my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary. We were there less than 24 hours so it was a very fast trip and made for a busy weekend, but I'm so glad we were able to help them celebrate. 60th anniversaries don't come along very often these days.

Grandpa and Grandma

Rory was a Grandpa's girl this weekend

Have you ever tried taking good group pictures inside a restaurant? Clearly, it's beyond my photography skills.

Check out William in the front.

Once again, Uncle Matt proves to be the best family member to have along on a trip. He is so good with the kids and keeping them entertained. Apparently, he can draw the best super heroes. He pretty much single handedly entertained them for 3 hours. Well, except for the break when Cousin Natalie took all four of them out for ice cream at once. She's a brave girl.

And finally Camden and William (any idea how to deal with Camden's glare on his glasses?)

We're all pretty exhausted today. Brian actually has school today since they have a snow day to make up, but the kids and I are at home. I've promised to take them to see Gnomeo and Juliet, and they've promised to not act like hooligans at the grocery store. Enjoy your Monday. :)


Happy Anniversary to your grandparents!!! That's amazing and wonderful and beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful... that photo of Rory and Grandpa is amazing. Amazing!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Ha! "Hooligans".
Bummed that we missed another of your whirlwind trips to MO, but sounds like it was action-packed.
Um, your grandparents are ADORABLE!!! And so young-looking!
sadly NO but I do believe they sell NO GLARE or NON GLARE lenses (is there a difference) I can't remember how much more it was per lens? We did NOT get them, but at the time we were already buying two (his main pair and a "back up" so to speak) and we knew we were going back to buy "goggles" too, so we didn't spend the extra $$$
Joy said…
Great photos and Happy Anniversary to your grandparents!

About the lens glare, Google "Scott Kelby" and look for his info on it. (I may have it somewhere - I'll look.) His was more for studio lighting, but may apply for natural also. I think it was mostly about tilting their head down but I can't remember the rest of the "trick". Either way, it's a great photo! (And I love Camden's shirt!)

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