Two Years Ago



(definitely click this one)

were (video!!)




last year. (another video)


Elizabeth Frick said…
Oh Melissa. Thank you for sharing all those! I was weeping during the video where you guys got in the elevator and left Foster Mom behind. It's unbelievable how Family Day is the best and worst day of our lives, all rolled into one. But look at Rory now! So happy, beautiful, and clearly quite loved.
Joy said…
Wow - has it really been two years already?? I agree with Elizabeth that Family/Gotcha Days are so emotional - both happy and sad. Love watching your videos, even though they make me cry every time.

'Happy Family Week' to Rory!! : )
Keela said…
Has it really been 2 years? Wow! I'm so happy to have been watching Rory grow through your scrapbook pages! :)
Kelly said…
I can't believe it's been 2 years! I will never, ever forget the video of you guys getting in the elevator with her. I totally agree, Family Day is so completely emotional--so much heartbreak and so much joy at the same time. It has been such a joy watching sweet Rory grow and to see how happy and loved she is. Happy 2 years!!
joelsgirl said…
So happy!
Jaime said…
I cannot believe it has been two years! I watched the video again and bawled my eyes out. She is so lovely Melissa, I love your little family :)
I can't believe it's been another year already! Wow! I remember sobbing my eyes out at that video last year, so I was smart and only watched the end this time. ;-) Happy Anniversary!!

(and my how she's grown!)
KrisJ said…
OH Melissa YEAH on 2 years! I cant even tell you how many times I watched that video on youtube while waiting for Malia.. it seriously got me through some hard days seeing Rory's sweet face and your happiness! I was so excited when I found your blog!!
So happy for you guys!
Krista said…
Why didn't I listen to your post and get that roll of papertowels? I should have learned my lesson last year. Happy 2 years!

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