Random Bits & Pics

I had about 4 hours of complete panic yesterday as my EHD refused to work. Four years worth of pictures, layouts, and scrapping supplies are on there (almost 500GB worth). Thankfully, it seems that it's just a bad USB port and everything is safe. I plan to spend next week backing everything up!

I had big plans for a cute Valentine's Day craft and cards for Rory (Camden is completely covered in the craft department at school), but honestly I spent all day yesterday trying to get caught up on everything that I've let go for the last 10 days (and obsessing over the EHD). I guess it's a good thing she's 3 and doesn't have a clue Sunday is Valentine's Day. And why can't I just craft on Friday or Saturday you ask? I have a VERY full day tomorrow including helping with breakfast for Camden's class, errands, hair cut, and then we're heading out of town for a couple of days. I wish I could say it was for a romantic get-away, but it's actually work-related that just happens to fall on Valentine's weekend. We are pawning the kids off on Gram and Gramps as well as Uncle Michael and Aunt Liz. I'm hopeful Rory will be fine without me for two whole days and nights. They'll be staying here at the house for half the time and I think that will really help.

A few random kid bits:

  • Rory said "Mama, I gonna feel better tomorrow" about 100 times last week.
  • In a fever induced haze and completely out of the blue Rory informed me "Me and Emma are best buddies; God made us together in heaven because we have the same dress. But we don't have the same fingers."
  • Camden was full of energy when he got home from school, and when I asked him what was going on, he informed me that he is just so excited about Valentine's Day because "it's all about love."
  • On the way home from school yesterday, Rory raised her hand to me and said, "Wisten. I hear you talking, but I do not understand."
  • Camden is big into playing war with his magnetix and has learned the term "May Day, May Day." Unfortunately, he insists that it's "matey, matey."
  • While she was sick, Rory called me Mama in a baby voice the whole time. The first day she felt better, it immediately changed into a sassy "Moooom."

A few random pics:

Thanks to Elizabeth for the idea of beans and a cookie sheet. I made the not-so-bright move and added rice in there (which made for a bigger mess), but the kids played for over an hour and I will definitely be pulling this out again.

Last weekend we dogsat for Gram and Gramps. At the risk of alienating 99% of my readers, I doubt I've ever mentioned that I'm not exactly a dog-lover. Taz, however, behaved very well and Camden thoroughly enjoyed having a dog for the weekend.


Becky said…
sweet sweet pictures and I need to know about the beans and cookie sheet! I am sure that my boys would love to make that kind of mess! LOL
Mayme said…
What a sweet fever induced thing to say! And something that I have learned the hard way, put a towel or blanket under your bean container and clean up is a snap. Have a great weekend and good luck:)
Joy said…
Your kids say the cutest things!

I hear ya with the dog - I am a dog lover, I just don't love them in my house. ; )

Have a great weekend! Hope the kids have fun at their grandparents!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Yay! I'm glad the beans went so well. Isn't it amazing how something so simple and so cheap can entertain them for so long?!
And shhh - I'm with you on the dog thing. They freak me out.
Maria said…
"Wisten. I hear you talking, but I do not understand." Tell Rory I think I might have to use this line -- EVERY day!! :-)

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