French Breakfast Puffs

Since we're all at home with another snow day, I decided to actually cook breakfast this morning. We're generally a cereal or pop-tart kind of household, although Brian always cooks a hot breakfast on Saturday mornings. I made French Breakfast Puffs from the PW cookbook, and they were quite tasty (and very bad for you - think rolled in butter, then cinnamon and sugar). Everyone loved them except Rory. She licked the cinnamon and sugar off and proclaimed herself ready for another. Since straight cinnamon and sugar aren't acceptable as a meal, I made her eat the rest of the muffin (they were mini muffins). She shuddered through it then asked for another, licked off the topping and proclaimed herself finished yet again. I guess she decided the sugar was worth the actual muffin.


Elizabeth Frick said…
Rory! You crack me up! Um... I want to devour all of those muffins. Right. Now.
Unknown said…
Yum - those look so good!
Amanda said…
Those look delicious! I need to drag out my cookbook and make those too!
I don't blame Rory. At all. I'd do the same thing if I could get away with it.
Krista said…
Mmmm... those look amazing!

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