Our weekend flew by in a flurry of meetings, discussions, and while it went well, we're both mentally and physically exhausted. The kids had a fabulous time staying with family, although I'm pretty sure they're happy to have us home.

We (I should probably rephrase that to say "I") spent every spare moment glued to the Olympics over the last few days. We even had a couple of hours free Saturday night and chose to have a quiet evening in the hotel with pizza and Apolo Anton Ohno instead of taking advantage of a kid-free Saturday night. I love the Olympics. I have almost no memory of my childhood (I've clearly inherited my mother's horrible memory), but I can remember specific Olympic events from my childhood (like crying when Debi Thomas did not win the gold medal - I even remember her crazy banana clip hair and the outfit she was wearing). I love the intense competition; I love the sappy commercials (superbowl ads have nothing on Olympic ads); I love watching the parents rejoice with their children; and I never fail to cry over and over (and I am not generally an emotional person). My two favorite winter Olympic sports are speed skating and figure skating, although when it comes to the Olympics, I can watch any sport (except curling). I'm pretty sure Brian would have liked me to be a little less enthusiastic in my Olympic viewing Saturday night since he was trying to sleep, but how can you resist yelling when it's Apolo Anton Ohno? Have you guessed I'm a huge Apolo fan? And I'm always happy to watch the Koreans and cheer them on as well.

Brian and Camden were already out of school today for President's Day but we have snow which probably means a snow day tomorrow. I'm happy to have a little downtime as a family. And there's always the Olympics to keep us busy!


Elizabeth Frick said…
You guys and your snow days! Geez! :)
We're more of the summer olympics types around here, but I can totally appreciate the addiction.
Unknown said…
You don't watch curling? I'm so disappointed - LOL! G was actually a runner-up for the Olympics several years back. (he was a very successful curler before we had kids, and he had to put his love for the game on hold!)

I, too, LOVE LOVE LOVE the Olympics. I have been glued to the TV all weekend.
I completely agree with you on the Olympics front!! I love love love them! (And have been known to scream and throw things at my TV as well as cry...)
Amy said…
I feel the same way about the Olympics and also have childhood memories! I remember being so upset about Debi Thomas but so ecstatic about Brian Boitano winning. (And by the way, I was screaming for Apolo Friday night too! :)
Krista said…
We have had the Olympics on 24/7 too - but being a Canadian, it is extra special this year.
Have you seen the sappy Tim Horton's commercial yet?

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