One More Snow Day

Living in the south pays off again - one final snow day for Brian and Camden! While it seems a little nuts and I know my family in the north thinks we're crazy, it's probably a good call. The non-major roads (including the one we use to get anywhere) are still about 75% snow/ice covered and it is seriously packed down. We've also got a bit of rain/sleet this morning which should makes things fun. Considering we have lots of tiny little curvy roads in our county, I'm assuming they don't want the buses out and about.

The kids bounced off the walls all day yesterday and we all made the trek into town for Rory's gymnastic class. She loves it so much and seriously cracks up the teacher and other moms, but let me just say - this girl is no natural athlete. :)

I've got a dentist's appointment this morning and Brian has a church meeting late morning so we're tag teaming with the kids. I'm planning to take advantage of having Brian home and drag out the rubbermaids to work on getting Rory's spring/summer clothes ready to sell (so if you're a "regular" customer, be on the lookout LOL).

Zoe Pearn: That's My Boy


Joy said…
YIPEE!!!! Got my checkbook ready!!! : )

Enjoy your last snow day. We are really hoping we don't get more Friday!
Becky said…
So, I guess I should cross "making a trip to the 2020 Olympics to cheer Rory on" off of my list of things to do? Of course, in researching where those olympics are going to be, I discovered that TULSA has entertained the idea of making a bid for those Olympics, who thinks that is going to happen????
Elizabeth Frick said…
Hmm... where does this "clothing sale" take place? I'm intrigued...
heidi said…
Yay! Time for shop Rory's closet again! (I know I don't post a comment on here often, but I enjoy reading about your family's escapades. So thanks!)

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