Schedule, please

Oh, I am so ready for a schedule again! In the last month we've had too many lots of snow days, stomach flu, RSV, colds, MLK day, teacher orientation, etc. and I just want my schedule back. I'm a little OCD about schedules (as my dear hubby can tell you) and I'm starting to feel very much out of sync. I like to divide up all my household chores and do them on a specific day every week. I like to run errands the same day every week. I like to . . . well, you get the picture. When I'm not in sync, I find myself relying on the TV too much to entertain the kids; I find it harder to get my devotions done while I'm in the right frame of mind; I find myself not sticking to the menu which wreaks havoc on our grocery budget; I find myself with too many excuses to not use the treadmill. All of this to say, I want my schedule back. Or maybe I should just loosen up.

Shabby Miss Jenn: Feeling Lucky

Lauren Reid: Bean Juice


Elizabeth Frick said…
Hmm... I'll trade you a little bit of my slacker-ness for some of your OCD. Then we'll both be in good shape!
Anonymous said…
hoping you get your groove back! you obviously still have it when it comes to scrapping!
Oh man, I'm such a schedule girl as well... I can't even imagine!

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