So tired

The Olympics are wearing me out. Ten straight days and nights of competition and I think I'm as tired as if I were actually competing. Somehow I'm glued to the TV even during events I don't care that much about. Even bobsledding becomes interesting in the context of the Olympics. Last night's ice dancing was really fun, even though it's usually my least favorite of the figure skating. Now that Becky is here, I have a partner who is just as obsessed as I am. Brian feels relieved he can just go to bed without pretending to be interested in who's skating what or skiing when or how high Shaun White jumped or how fast Apolo Anton Ohno skated.

When I'm not watching the Olympics, I feel like I've spent the last week working on my slow, dying computer. First the EHD went out and my new one arrived. Yesterday, the old EHD miraculously booted up and I was able to copy everything over and I feel immense relief knowing I haven't lost out on any pictures, pages, or supplies. As soon as the files were restored, my mouse stopped working. I'm very behind in my scrapping, but hoping to find time to catch up soon.


I'm right there with you... on both fronts! Up late watching and then a way to early wake-up by the sick kiddo... paired with a hard drive issue myself. I'm stressed. And exhausted!

But I'll still be cheering on Yuna tonight!
Elizabeth Frick said…
What a relief about the EHD!
I have to admit, though, I'm not an olympics fan. I'm a terrible American.
Anonymous said…
Hope the tech gremlins leave your house soon! Nothing more frustrating than computers not behaving!!! I'm suffering Olympic mania also. Had to convince my 2 year old last night Mommy needed to watch Ice Dancing so Blues Clues would have to wait. Or he could watch it on his small screen but he is a man so THAT wouldn't do!

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