Well. . .

. . . my Monday is not off to a good start. I left early for work today to make sure I got in my regular Starbucks coffee, but traffic was so horrible, it took me over an hour to get to work, and no coffee! There's always tomorrow!

Camden had a blast putting up the Christmas tree Friday night. He was soooooooooooooo excited! It was hard for him to wait while we actually put it together and got lights on it before he could work with the ornaments. He called Gram and Gramps and Grandma and Grandpa in the meantime because he was so excited and couldn't wait to tell someone the tree was up. Of course, he put all the ornaments in one spot so I went and fixed them when he wasn't looking! He's loving the Christmas music and insists that our Christmas tree stay lit at all times (even when he gets up in the middle of the night to go potty he must check on it!).

Saturday was pretty laid back and relaxed. Brian took Camden to the park to play soccer, and we rented Over the Hedge and planned to have a little family fun night with pizza, ice cream, the works. Unfortunately, Camden's lack of sleep over the weekend caught up to him, and he threw several horrible temper tantrums! We tried to avoid taking away the fun night, but he pretty much made it impossible! He ended up asking to go to bed at 6:00, and we let him!

Yesterday, Brian had a funeral to attend and was gone all afternoon, but Camden and I enjoyed a nice quiet time. He took a 3 hour nap, and I did some scrapping, which is always nice!

I think that's our Thanksgiving holiday in a nutshell. I think this is only the second major holiday (of any kind) in our 9.5 years of marriage that we haven't traveled, and while I definitely missed being with my family, it made our 4 days together feel like an eternity (in a good way) and it was very relaxing.

One funny story before I go. Yesterday on the way home from church, Camden was falling asleep, and so I tried to urge him to not go to sleep since we were almost home. He said in his sleepy, little monotone voice, "I'm not going to sleep. I'm just watching the world go by."

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Anonymous said…
That is the sweetest little comment! And I love your layouts.

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