Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm so excited that the Thanksgiving holiday is about to begin. I work half a day today and then I'm free until Monday! We're headed to Brian's parents for Thanksgiving. I'm sad to not be going home to be with my family, but we'll spend Christmas with them so it's all right. Brian's family has always lived so far away that I haven't really had to share holidays until this past year, but it's only fair I know!

I'm getting my hair chopped this afternoon. I grew it out for almost a year, and after that it's been the same length/style for about 8 months now, and I'm just ready for a change. Hopefully nothing too drastic, but definitely a change. Might even go for some long, side-swept bangs (which will probably drive me to distraction!).

Anyone else planning to shop on Friday? We almost always do. There's something really fun to get up at a ridiculous hour and rush to the stores and find all those great deals. We've always had family to watch Camden before, but this year I think he's going to have to come with us, so that might be tricky!

Cancelling cable and Netflix today; just another step along the way as we work on saving for our next adoption. I know neither of those are big ticket items, but every little bit helps, so we're just gonna do without. Totally worth it, of course!

All right, I guess that's all I have for today. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Angela said…
Hope you have a wonderful holiday!
shizzknits said…
Love this LO- the colors are so fun!

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