Yes, I started my Monday morning with a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha - my favorite! I also noticed their Cranberry Bliss bars are back for the holiday season, but I resisted!

We had a good visit with my brother. Camden absolutely loved having his Uncle Matt around. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Uncle Matt brought him the movie, Cars, as then took him to the toystore and bought him a Cars racetrack with remote controlled cars, and then played with him almost every second! He had a blast. We were also able to meet up with my cousin, uncle, and respective girlfriends for dinner on Saturday night.

Yesterday was my 31st birthday (I am so old!!), and I can't say it was the best day I've ever had, but that's all right. I'm an adult, so my birthday doesn't have to be a big deal, right?

Exactly one year ago today, Brian and Camden were headed to West Virginia with my in-laws for a quick visit to family when they hit a spot on the road where a truck had been leaking diesel fuel. They were in a horrible wreck, and on two separate occasions during the wreck, tractor trailers were headed straight for the backend of their car where Camden was sitting in his carseat. I know God's hand kept them safe, because it's just not possible they escaped any other way. My father-in-law is our pastor, and he used this story as an illustration in his sermon yesterday and just talked about how quickly life can be taken away. It was very hard to sit and listen to because he was talking about my husband and baby!

I wish I had layouts to share, but there was just no time this weekend. I'm so happy Brian will be home tonight. He had class all yesterday instead. It's so rare he's home at night, that I know Camden and I will both enjoy it!


Anonymous said…
Happy, happy birthday! You are NOT old :). Wow, what an incredible example of God's protection over your son and husband...thank you, thank you, thank you LORD!!!
Anonymous said…
I cannot believe that was a year ago! I was trying to think of my bigger thank you's (for our Thanksgiving Prayer Service)and that one definitely needs a mention. God is good--yesterday, today and tomorrow!
Happy birthday! and priase God for the protection of your husband and baby! That made me cry!

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