A Little Motivation

A little motivation, apparently, is all Camden needs to sleep through the night and not wake us up over and over! Right before bedtime last night, genius struck, and I promised him donuts for breakfast if he would either sleep all night or just go potty himself without waking us up, and he did! I also slept all night without waking up, which is so rare for me! Must have been a good night for sleeping. Of course, he was up at 5:30, but I guess it's a trade off.

Going to lunch with a group from work today. We always go out right after payday and take turns choosing places. Most choose crazy places like White Trash Cafe or Fat Mo's Burgers, but the guy choosing this time likes clean so he'll choose somewhere good.

Here are a couple of layouts from last night.
All Wrapped Up
Dianne Rigdon's Brown Paper Packages kit
My Little Monkey - credits here


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