Date Night

It's Date Night! We're celebrating my birthday and Brian's birthday all at once. Camden is spending the night with Gram and Gramps, and we're going out to eat and a movie. Brian sweetly offered to take me to Maggianos, which I love, but in keeping with our "save for adoption" mindframe, we're downgrading to Olive Garden, which I also love! Not sure which movie we're going to, maybe the new Bond movie. Then we're going for cheesecake at this cute gourmet family restaurant that has amazing homemade cheesecake. I'm very excited because Brian has no class, no work, nothing this week but us!

It's 10:20, I'm still in p.j.'s, and Camden is calling me to help him put together his Thomas track that takes up the whole living room. Not my favorite thing, but I've been parked in front of the computer all morning finishing this calendar for my in-law's Christmas gift so he deserves some time from me! I used Kimberly Geswein's calendar templates (found here), and they fit perfectly in the Winkflash calendar, just upload the pictures, arrange on calendar and order. I can't wait to get them. I accidentally deleted August, and don't have time to put it back up, so you'll just have to miss seeing that one.

Have a great weekend!


that turned out SOOOOO adorable!!!!
Anonymous said…
Melissa I don't want to hear anything negative about that Thomas the Train track b/c I bought it for him!!!

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