Let's talk Shoppe. . .

. . . . The DigiShoppe that is. Let me direct your attention to my new blinkie on the right! I'm a Shoppe Girl! I know all my non-digiscrapping readers out there don't have a clue what I'm talking about, but just believe me when I say it's a big deal!

I came home to a fun surprise last night. Brian had fixed supper and (more importantly) had brought home ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery for a little belated birthday fun. It was great to have him home last night! Only a couple more weeks before this semester is over. Next semester won't be quite as bad, and then we're home free!

I have some Camden funnies for you today. Last night sometime before supper, I had mentioned I was starving. So when it came time to pray, Camden said, "Dear Jesus, help mommy to stop starving. Amen." Apparently, he was listening! This morning at breakfast, he wanted Brian to pick him up from school this afternoon, and he said, "please, I'll be your best friend!" Now, I know that's not a new line for kids, but it is the first time he's used it!
Here is a layout from 2004 - our first Christmas. Credits here


Anonymous said…
wooohooo! yeah melissa :).

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