Black Friday

Our Thanksgiving Day was relaxing and full of good food! We spent most of the day at Brian's parents house, just eating, looking through the sale ads, eating some more, etc. The day ended on a not-so-good note, however. First, my sister and her husband were in a really bad wreck. They are okay somehow, but their vehicle is totaled. Even worse than that, one of the students who just graduated from the college where I work passed away unexpectedly. He was playing football, fainted, and never regained consciousness. My sister and her husband were in school with him, and he was a friend of theirs. It's so tragic for his family, and especially his wife of only two months.

On a lighter note, I've enjoyed Black Friday so far! We got up and left about 7:00 a.m., which is much later than we normally go, but we had Camden with us. He did really well, just very hyper and required a lot of attention, but hey, he's only 3! Target was crazy! I stood in line for about 30 minutes for a $3.99 Candyland game, and a $5.98 Polar Bear Express DVD. Kinda silly, I know! At Bath and Body Works, I waited over 40 minutes, but got some really great deals there. Headed to Gymboree next where everything, including clearance, was an additional 30% off (plus I had a $25 gift card!). Picked up a couple of really fun items for Camden there. We had breakfast at Panera and hit a few more stores, but not too many. Camden's behavior was deteriorating rapidly at that point.

Camden is very excited to put up the Christmas tree this evening. He keeps insisting it's going to snow tomorrow and be Christmas. Sorry to say it's only November 24, and the temperature is 70 degrees!

I mentioned a few posts ago about the bad wreck Brian and Camden were in last November. I decided to do a layout of it, so here is just one picture of the car, as well as a picture of Camden waiting for the police in the car oblivious to what had just happened.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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