Perfectionist and Basketball

Brian took Camden to a basketball game last night since a boy from the youth group was playing the team where Camden goes to school. When they got home last night, Camden could hardly say hello to me he was so excited. He ran into his bedroom, grabbed his basketball, and then ran into our bedroom, and said, "make noise for me, daddy." Brian obliged by making the appropriate "music" and Camden came running into the living room, dribbling for all he was worth, and then proceeded to throw the ball against the door and rebound it (like he was being announced at a game). We repeated this process many times! He was soooooooooooooooo cute! His teachers said they heard about how his daddy was taking him to a basketball game all day long. He also seemed to be fascinated by the buzzer sound and kept telling me over and over to "bzzzzz."

I have no layouts to share today because I spent 3 hours (yes, 3 HOURS) working on our Christmas card last night. I probably shouldn't mention this is my second version, and that I probably spent at least 3 hours on the first version. Being a perfectionist is not easy, I tell you. I think I'm close to being finished, though.

One more funny thing about Camden. He's developed a chuckle! It's this forced little laugh that is just so funny. It sounds totally fake, but he uses it in appropriate situations, so it must still be in development phase.

And one not-so-funny thing about Camden these days is that he's decided it's really fun to copy us, and he doesn't always choose the best times to do this. Usually, if we're slightly impatient or in a hurry or in a discussion, he decides it's great to just copy everything we say. He's even done it while he's in trouble. Sometimes it's hard not to laugh. Others, it's just not funny!

And, let's leave you with a positive story. He's slept straight through the night two nights in a row and has been dry both nights! Yesterday, he got a donut for breakfast; today, stickers. Hopefully, this will work.


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