Monday, December 03, 2012


We usually put the Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving. That's how we did it growing up in my family, so that's how we do it now. Anyone else continue on with the traditions from their childhood?

Because we were in Illinois for Thanksgiving this year, it had to wait until this past weekend. And this year it was sunny and 70 degrees outside and felt decidedly un-holidaylike, but we went for it. Would you like to see the pictures I took?


Yep, just one. And it's not even of the tree or the kids. I kept meaning to actually take pictures, but things were moving along so well that I didn't want to risk the frustration that comes with documenting a perfect holiday moment. ;)

The best thing about decorating the tree this year was that Camden and Rory both were very specific in what we should do. They're starting to remembering the traditions that have been in place since they were little. For instance, we *must* make Chex Mix. Rory and I work on the mix while Brian and Camden get the lights on the tree. We *must* play Christmas music while it's all happening. Rory wanted to hold hands and make a circle around the tree and sing Jingle Bells, but I'm not sure where that idea came from! They are both starting to be old enough to have memories about the ornaments, and since I'm a creature of habit myself, I like that they want to do things a certain way. When the tree is up, we usually order a pizza and watch a movie with the Christmas lights in the background. We don't have our DVD player hooked up yet, plus the big SEC football game was on, so football took the place of a Christmas movie, but it was still fun and quiet and cozy.

Our worship leader and his girlfriend came over for lunch yesterday along with Elizabeth and Addison. Oh, this baby girl is so funny. And cute. Have I ever mentioned cute?

Her superman pose. She does it on cue. Kind of.

This super cheesy grin has been around for a little while, but they change so much at this age. I told Elizabeth that one day we'll realize we haven't seen it in a while, and it will be gone.

Flirting with her Uncle Brian here.


Joyce said...

I love traditions! And thanks for those cutey pie pictures.

Amy said...

I love the mental picture of the 4 of you standing around the tree and singing...kind of like the Who's in Whooville? :)

Monica said...

an SEC football game was quiet and cozy? That just made me laugh! And I love the Chex mix tradition while the boys do the lights. Sounds like a perfect plan.

Christine said...

I love traditions AND Addison's cheesy smile!

Lori! said...

So whose house was the one Thanksgiving picture taken? I think that is my countertop. :)
And I was *cracking* up about singing Jingle Bells while putting ornaments on the tree because the same thing happened at my house this year! Both boys starting singing AND dancing!!!