This is a Public Service Announcement

The first group of family arrived safe and sound Christmas Eve night, followed by everyone else Christmas morning. We spent a glorious day enjoying being together. A big turkey dinner was cooked and consumed; Christmas carols were sang; presents carefully (and always one at a time) were unwrapped. Dirty Santa (for the adults) was a blast as always.

And then Micah, Becky, and Xavier spent several hours in the ER Christmas night, and they came home with a confirmed flu diagnosis. Christmas night was spent doing laundry, disinfecting the house, all kinds of fun stuff. By the time they got home from the ER, William was running a fever. Poor William and Xavier spent the next 24 hours quarantined up in Camden's room, but when Becky woke up sick this morning, they decided they better hit the road.

So. The lesson of Christmas 2012: Get. Your. Flu. Shot.

William, Xavier, Becky, my brother and my dad all did not get their flu shots this year. So far, three of the five are down and out. Of course, my family is panicking worried that I'll get sick, but I had the flu shot so I'm not concerned. I've put in my obligatory (they totally made me) call to the doctor, and Dr. W put me on Tamiflu as a preventative measure since my blood counts were super low last week.

We've declared today a Pajama Day, and we're going ahead with our appetizer night even though we'll be missing half of us. We've all shed a few tears today (my kids most of all). Camden was devastated as the Derby clan left, and Rory sobbed "this Christmas is just all messed up!" But I'm glad for the few days we got to spend together even though it was no fun for William and Xavier! Here's hoping the flu won't *really* last 10-14 days!

I only used my iphone for this holiday, and I have to say it was very freeing to let go of documenting the perfect event. Maybe I'll share more pics later or maybe I'll just stick my fuzzy iphone pics on a scrapbook page and call it done. ;)

The one and only picture of the four kiddos together. We didn't even attempt one with Addison and I'm glad we didn't since both boys had the flu (which we didn't know at this point).

A family picture (still in our p.j.'s) Christmas morning.

My parents have an XBox Kinnect, and the adults played after the kids went to bed. I was skeptical (because I'm pretty much a fuddy duddy when it comes to gaming systems), but it was a ton of fun. Here's a fuzzy picture of me and Micah to prove it.

And a little video of our Christmas caroling before opening presents. You can hear Rory's off-key voice over almost everyone.


I have heard countless stories of sick people over the holidays. So sad for those wanting to enjoy family time! I hope your group has escaped the flu bug. And, the pic of you and Micah made me laugh out loud! That white boy can jump!
So sad for you guys! My sister had to head home early too due to illness. It's everywhere!
Renee T. said…
awww---so sorry about your sick nephews and sister! I hope they are well soon!
( love the pic of the cousins in their Christmas hats and pjs)
Karen said…
That's how high Micah jumps while sick?! Imagine he he'd do when well! Hope everyone is better soon!
Karen said…
That's how high Micah jumps while sick?! Imagine he he'd do when well! Hope everyone is better soon!
Vicky said…
Oh those poor kiddos! Glad you at least got to hug them in person for a wee bit and hopefully you won't pick up the bug. Its been rampant around here too. Love the video- singing with gusto despite being off key- gotta love it- I could so hang with Rory!
kanda said…
A newborn baby here in our city recently died of Pertussis. Totally preventable if the family members and those around the baby had just gotten their vaccines and not passed it to the baby. I keep my kids and myself fully vaccinated not for our own benefit, but for the friends and family we know who have cancer or are too young to be vaccinated. Imagine the guilt if through non-vaccination, you were the one who passed on a totally preventable illness that then killed someone. I hope the flu your family brought to you is one of the strains that you were vaccinated for, so you don't get it!

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