Tuesday's Tidbits: Texas edition

Rory thought there was just one airport and we were just flying back and forth to that one place. I spent the weekend trying to explain the concept of multiple airports, airplanes, etc., but she mostly just thought were were bouncing around in the air going nowhere.

Rory also thought that we were completely stopped in the air because she couldn't feel us moving, and she kept saying, "why aren't we moving?"

From Camden, "This is like a giant flying car!"

After announcing that we'd be flying at 10,000 feet Camden said, "How will we know when we're at 10,000 feet so I can turn my DS on?"

Camden and Rory were airport/airplane rock stars. They traveled SO well.

Although I do always forget how after a long trip, you arrive at the hotel, and the adults just want to crash. The kids think the party just started.

I was going to say that flying SWA was a great experience. Afterall, they do fly bags free and re-arrange schedules free of charge, but they lost our luggage and we spent an extra 2-3 hours in the airport Saturday trying to find them (they finally arrived at our hotel at 10:23 p.m.). And we spent an extra 2-3 hours Monday flying on two completely different flights than the ones originally booked. Considering we were only gone from home less than 72 hours, it was way too much time spent in the airport.

Had the best french fries of my life at Square Burger in downtown McKinney. I do not even care that they were $4.50. The burgers were more than a little tasty as well.

Traveled with Keith Anderson from Nashville to Houston to Dallas and then was stuck along with him with our little luggage situation. Granted, either I'm not cool enough to know who he was prior to this or he's not important enough for me to have known him, but he and his little group were very kind and funny and patient with the SWA people (and everyone around him).

And speaking of celebrities, there was also some kind of event manager for Martina McBride there, and she was stuck with no luggage as well. I laughed when she asked if SWA would reimburse her for a new wardrobe if she spent $500 for the evening's event. The SWA employee told her they were happy to reimburse up to $50 for one outfit. Pretty sure that wasn't going to cut it for her.

I was going to comment on all the cowboy boots we saw in the Dallas airport, but I noticed just as many in the Nashville airport.

I've always been a nervous flyer. Funny how having cancer takes away the silly fear from other areas of your life. What's the worst that could happen?

The older I get (and, yes, I do realize I'm only 35), the more I realize how rare true friendship is and how lucky we are to call the Wright's our friends.

We loved McKinney just as much the second time around as the first. Pretty sure I'm never going to understand why our life has taken this very unplanned and unwelcome direction.

And this is as much Halloween-y as we got this year (she's wearing a Halloween shirt that you cannot see), although I do have plans to make the kids put on their costumes that we did not use just to take pictures. :)


And this one isn't quite in focus, but she's smiling and I've got nothing else uploaded from the camera. Plus, she's cute. 103111_2

Back tomorrow with all the Texas pictures for a Wordless Wednesday that will not be Wordless.


Anonymous said…
My husband and I are struggling through cancer too. We were told of your blog by our daughter. We have added you and your family to our list of people we pray for with cancer. It is hard to understand why anyone has to go through this. But we know, He is still on the throne and will get your through each day. He can do miracles and we will ask Him for that for you and your family.
Monica said…
Give Collete a HUGE hug for me. (She'll know me by maiden name, White). We grew up going to church camp together.
Amy said…
I'm so glad you guys had such a wonderful time! Can't wait to see pictures!
Mayme said…
Glad you had a good trip. I'm totally not cool because I have no idea who Keith Anderson is either:)
I'm glad you had a good trip, but it does sound kind of exhausting!!
Wow. That is a lot of airport time for a long weekend... Yikes!
Amy Henderson Karenke said…
I have never heard of Keith Anderson either until I was reading your blog. I clicked on your link and when I opened it up, my first thought was that if I had to be stuck in an airport, he would be a good choice to be stuck with. :)

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