Thursday, November 03, 2011


Not alot to post about today, but you know me: gotta keep a schedule, and that includes blogging. :)

It's cold and rainy out, and I am very happy to not have anywhere to be. And even though it's cold out, I've decided today is the day to bring the iced coffee back into my morning schedule.

Despite the fact that I am almost 2 weeks behind in my photography class, I think that any extra time I have today should be spent working on clearing out bad pictures, duplicate pictures, etc. since my 1 terabyte external hard drive is almost completely full. How does that happen? Oh, yes, it would be because I take approximately 6,542,200 pictures a week.

And speaking of pictures, how about a complete mish mash of photos. 

One of Rory from this weekend that I forgot to post.

Exhibit A as to why I shoot in RAW. This was just a test shot before I had settings right on my camera. Because I shot it in RAW, I was able to correct it in Lightroom.

This was the original.

And why I torture you with close-ups of my eyes, I don't know. Except I am more happy than you know to have some eyebrows and lashes again. And, clearly, my eyes are completely different shapes. Nice.

Our further deteriorating self-portrait skills at work.


Krista said...

gorgeous baby blues...
and good to know that your originals look similar to mine! I need to learn my photoshop... shigh.

Mayme said...

Look at those brows girl!

Your eyes are beautiful and I am completely comfortable saying that:)

Renee T. said...

Look at your pretty eyelashes coming in!


Monica said...

If my eyes were as gorgeous as yours I'd take pics of them all the time, too! And EVERYONE has slightly different shapes to their eyes. :)

Amy said...

Oh my goodness! Could you pretty please teach me some photography skills? I would have totally deleted the dark picture. I do it all the time thinking there is no way to save them. I need help!! :)

Kelly said...

I LOVE the photo of yours and Brian's eyes next to each other! The contrast of your blue and his brown is really striking.

Annie B. said...

Beautiful brows and lashes!!!!!! You have hair! Your eyes are completely amazing. I am glad you "torture" us with photos of your eyes:)

thewonderfulhappens said...

Your eyes are looking AMAZING!!

the reagan circus said...

It isn't torture! It is a pleasure to see those beautiful eyes and I'm so excited to hear you are getting your lashes/brows back! My favorite is the photo of yours and Brian's eyes up close. Awesome!

Christine said...

Aaaahhhh - now I know what you mean about ruining your street cred! Ha! Nice save on the photo... and I love the one of Rory - beautiful PP!