Our Week

A few things from our week:

Late night strategizing with Randall (our Texas partner in crime). So exciting to plan and dream about our new church and life in Texas.

Book study with friends (this book).

Watched 15 (oh, yes, I counted) deer cross in front of me on the way home and jump across the fence. One panicked and got hung up on the barbed wire, and I thought it wasn't going to end well, but he managed to make it.

A full week of normal school schedule (woohoo!).

Lots of extra meetings for Brian at school (boo!).

Attended a basketball game (my youngest sister is the coach). It was lots of fun, and Rory playing the cheerleader at the top of her lungs was pretty entertaining. Before the game she said, "Mama, I can't wait to see Aunt Wiz (a.k.a. Aunt Liz) teach her basketball game. Oh, and my finger hurts." She also kept trying to count the number of basketball players on the court and found it frustrating that they wouldn't stand still long enough for her to count.

Survived a particularly trying week with Camden. Age 7.5 is tough, people.

Worked through a mountain of Rory's spring clothing to get ready for the blog sale. Now moving forward to prepare what's left for a consignment sale.

Made ham and beans for the first time and actually enjoyed them.

Missed American Idol both nights.

Saw a man in a grocery store walking around with a container of whipped cream pressed against his head.

Finished by Project 365 for 2010 and ordered my photo book. I had managed to actually take pictures for most of weeks 38-46 but hadn't scrapped them yet. Note to self: stay on top of Project 365 2011.

Managed to keep up with both Project 365 and my Joy of Love class.

And speaking of Joy of Love

Yesterday's prompt was to take a "then and now" picture. Camden and I both enjoyed looking through the baby pictures from Korea. We hadn't done it in a while, and I had forgotten about some of his very young pictures (think 4 weeks old). This particular picture was taken at 6 months of age.

Lauren Grier/Jenn Barrette: Everyday Moments

Gina Miller: Little Bot paper pack and word art


Joy said…
Camden is so handsome! Love those pictures!
Wow - sounds like quite the week! And those photos of Camden?! Fabulous!
Amy said…
He was such a cutie pie then and is such a handsome young man now!!

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