Our Day in Black and White

Running low on blog material for the day, but I uploaded my pics from yesterday, realized I'd taken quite a few and thought I'd share.

Goofy girl

Rory entertained herself so well yesterday and had a blast tearing her room to shreds.

A big thank you to everyone who bought from Rory and Camden's closet. :)

As we were heading out to pick up Camden right after Rory's nap, she said, "take a picture of my smoochy lips, mama." And so I did.

Walking with Daddy to turn the heat on at church. That stroller went everywhere with her yesterday. And, yes, she is still in her p.j.'s. At 4:00.

After years of not playing with these Lincoln Logs, Camden has pulled them out every day this week.

And the ever present n*ked baby, who Rory has recently named Emmalynn. (Kari, your child has made a definite impression on her.)


Joy said…
LOL! It looks like Sumner and Rory "entertain" themselves the same way. No matter how many times I clean it, her room is a wreck.

Yay! Baby has a name! At least she was more creative than "Max and Ruby". : )

LOVE the new lens - you're welcome. Hee, hee! Give me your review on it!!
KrisJ said…
So fun! I love a new lens!! Ya lets get a review, I havent heard much about it!
It goes without saying that I love these photos...

More importantly... Ooooo - NEW LENS!!
Elizabeth Frick said…
It's baby Latte! (Our Asian baby is *always* naked too.)
I always enjoy some lovely B&Ws, and yours are the loveliest!

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