Happy Valentine's Day


63. the sincere apology from Camden after a long trying day
64. for a strong cup of good coffee after a sleepless night
65. for the sister who brought that coffee on Sunday
66. for a new book that challenges me in how I parent Rory
67. for good discussion with friends on parenting
68. for finishing my 2010 Project 365 book and all the good things it reminded me of
69. sunshine!
70. late night strategizing about our new church
71. unexpected blessings
72. days that are warm enough to play outside
73. for a solid week of schedule
74. fun birthday parties with friends
75. time to scrap
76. fun Superbowl evening
77. the beauty of an unexpected snowfall
78. fun snowmen
79. another snow day, which means more family time
80. for cold rootbeer in a bottle
81. for several days in a row with no stomach problems
82. for early dismissals
83. for high speed internet
84. for 8 hours of sleep several nights in a row (!!)
85. for sleeping in on snow days
86. for fun new scrapping supplies
87. for really good soup on a cold day
88. for the sound of Camden's laughter as he plays baseball with Daddy
89. for Rory's funny baseball stance
90. for church family
91. for photography challenges


Amanda said…
So sweet!! Hope ya'll have a wonderful Valentines Day!
Let's not discuss that photo since it makes me green with envy...

Your list is fabulous this week. SEVERAL nights of 8 hours!? Awesome! And what is this parenting book you mention? I'm currently working through several in an effort to find some advice on how to best parent Spencer.
Amy said…
I love your list, Melissa. I'm reading the book, One Thousand Gifts, right now and it is definitely changing me. I'm going to have to start my own list. As for #64, I wanted to thank you for once again buying coffee from our site in January. We appreciate it so much!! :)
Krista said…
What a wonderful cheery picture!

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