Tutu Cute

My late Olympic nights and 5:30 mornings combined with a 3 year old who has started waking up crying multiple times in the middle of the night equals a very tired mama. Our day was quite busy yesterday. Rory went with me for a short work morning, made a quick Target trip, came home for lunch, nap, woke her up to go get Camden, came home for a quick bath (for her) then headed out to grocery shop and have her hair cut, picked up a pizza for supper, and ended the evening with pizza and the family in front of the Olympics.

Camden's baseball meeting was last night and the coach assured us this year was going to be much more difficult than last year since they've all played a year; the league has given us 2 hour practices; moved us up from 2 practices a week to 3 practices a week; and that he will not treat everyone equally at this point - good players take precedence. Yep, this would be sports southern style. Did I mention Camden is 6.5 not a MLB professional? If he didn't love it so much, I'd yank him right out. At least it only lasts 10-12 weeks. Brian and I feel pretty strongly about protecting family time and baseball most definitely cuts into family time. We've discussed it and decided that because Camden thoroughly enjoys every second, we'll live the busy life for one season a year, but all-stars, multiple sports, etc. are just not going to be part of our family make-up.

A few silly things from the kids this week:

  • Out of the blue, Rory sighed and said, "mama, my bwudder is such a drama queen." Camden was nowhere in sight.
  • Rory could care less about the Olympics, but she likes that we're excited and screams "Go Wimpics!" many times over. She also thinks that everyone wins as soon as they finish their skate/ski run, etc. because fans are clapping for them.
  • Camden is obsessed with watching the Olympic, especially snowboarding. I am sure that his drawings and playdoh art will have a new topic for several weeks.
  • "I would just diiiiiiiieeeee if I lost my sunglasses." She's not dramatic at all.
  • After her haircut last night, Rory said, "my hair is beautiful, and now we never have to fix it again."
I'm a very bad girly mama. Rory does not own one single princess dress but when she received this little crown in Sunday School last week, she has begged every day to wear it. We pulled out the baby tutu (which practically cuts off her circulation it's so tight), added a little lipstick and grabbed the camera. I also decided to play with some photo actions and textures and kinda like the result.


Joy said…
Beautiful photo of Princess Rory! :)

Totally agree with you about the sports thing - just not sure I'm gonna win that battle. LOL!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Wow. What a DARLING photo!!!
OMG you needs to ever pay a professional you are one!!!
Great shot! And the "drama queen" comment?! Oh my!

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