Look Who's Smiling Again

We woke up to snow yesterday morning which means an automatic snow day if you live in the south. Camden spent the day at Gram and Gramp's house while Brian was our chauffeur and took Rory and I back to see Dr. H for Rory's checkup. Her lungs are clear, she's finally sleeping better, but now has an ear infection (which doesn't seem to be affecting her thank goodness!). She has lost 2.5 lbs in 8 days and is still not eating, but is feeling so much better! She's also managed to share her germs with both mommy and daddy. In typical Brian fashion, he took a swig of Nyquil and woke up feeling better. In typical Melissa fashion, I'm not quite that lucky.

Brian and Camden are off again today for Snow Day #9 (in the last 4 weeks) so Brian's in charge of the house yet again (poor guy) while I try to get rid of this crazy cold. I think he might even tackle our taxes this afternoon.


Feel better soon!!! I'm glad that Rory is getting back to herself though...
Mayme said…
Glad Rory is better and hope you are soon.
Joy said…
Hooray! So glad to hear Rory is feeling better and smiling again! :)

Enjoy your "snow" day and hope you are over your cold soon!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Yay! That smile makes us smile! Olive loved looking at Rory and her doggie. Now YOU feel better!
Angie said…
Yay! Glad she is feeling better! Hope you feel better soon!
Anonymous said…
Feel better Melissa! Happy that Rory is smiling again! And enjoy the snow- who knows when you will get this much again!

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