Thanksgiving pics

We had a really nice Thanksgiving. Brian hunted, shot, and did whatever you do to a deer most of the day, Camden stayed at Gram's house, and Rory and I cooked and cleaned. Our dinner was wonderful (maybe the best turkey I've ever eaten) and we had a good time visiting after. I also did some online shopping and got some good deals which always makes for a good time.

I really, really wanted to hit the mall EARLY Friday morning as usual, but this is the first year with two kids, and we thought that it probably wouldn't work out well. We did go shopping a little later in the morning, and while they were really good, keeping up with a stroller and a 5 year old in the massive crowds and small store aisles wasn't really that much fun. We did not stimulate the economy much either - just replaced Camden's Cars movie (his all-time favorite movie; he watched it so many times that he wore out the DVD almost a year ago), bought Enchanted, and this CD. Oh, and we did FINALLY buy a Christmas tree. I have been looking for about 5 years to buy a fake tree, but I wanted it to be realistic, tall, skinny, and not too expensive (is that too much to ask?). We put it together last night, but decided to wait until this morning to tackle decorating the tree and house. When we were shopping a couple of weeks ago, we saw a Christmas tree and ever since then anytime we see something green Rory calls out "Christmas, mama, Christmas." I think she is going to have a blast helping with the tree. Now whether or not she'll stay away from it and the presents after it's up is another story.

So today's agenda is to decorate the house, and then this afternoon Brian and I have a birthday date! We're going out to eat, to see Twilight (which I am seriously excited about) and then to Michaels to order custom frames for our Angela Crutcher pictures as well as the Hangul scroll we had painted in Korea. I'm a little nervous about how much that is going to cost, but I am very excited to get it done. Our last real date was in May for our anniversary so I am very excited about today.

Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving. I had a hard time choosing which ones to show so you'll have to just sit back and look at alot of them.

Rory was very excited to "help" me cook

Using the mixing bowl all by herself

The whole group

Rory and Gram
(notice that pose - it's her new look when we pull out the camera)

Ummm, yeah - he was hyper all day long
Michael and Liz
Pure cuteness
This is where you can find Camden these
days - buried in the Target toy catalog


Great photos! Reading this post made me so excited to drag our tree out and start decorating!

Have fun on your date!
Anonymous said…
Have fun decorating your house today! T'is the season to be jolly...
Lovely pictures as always.
Joy said…
Enjoy date night! Saw "Twilight" yesterday (*sigh*) - I am embarrassed to say how much I enjoyed it..... ;)

Have fun!!
Amanda said…
We are on Cars movie number 3 as well. Pics are great and I hope you have a wonderful time on your date.
Anonymous said…
Hey, Melissa, thanks for sharing such cute pictures. Sounds like you had a great meal and a great time.
We also are waiting for Brian's video of the hunt...think that is in the future???
Gma Elledge
Katie said…
I just stumbled across your blog and I LOVE the pictures! What a beautiful family you have. Also, don't feel badly about the Christmas tree, I think it happens to everyone.

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