My trip to the warehouse sale was fun, although I only came home with a jacket, shorts, and shirt. Most of the sale was from past spring/summer lines, and I wasn't in the mood to buy for next year. It was still fun and worth the trip.

Daylight Saving is really messing my kids up - they've gotten up earlier and earlier every day this week. I think today might be the day we fix the trend, though. It's almost 7:00 and they're still in bed!

It's chilly and rainy out today and Brian has to work late so it might be a long day at home with the kiddos. I think I'm kind of ready for a quiet day - this is the first day this week we've spent at home. I desperately need to get laundry folded and put away.

Here is a very typical boy conversation I had with Camden yesterday. "Mommy, do you see the airplane smoke? It's army fighter jets flying around the whole world to keep us safe and defeat the enemy. I'm saying defeat and not kill. I only use kill if it's really sad. Right, mommy?" Such a boy!

Cori Gammon/Amanda Rockwell: Tickled Pink


Anonymous said…
She knows how to WEAR those sunglasses!

(and I love the pics in the post below, too!)

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