Lots of Random Pictures

I spent about 5 hours driving to two different doctor's, waiting for appointments and prescriptions on Tuesday - not too much fun! Rory did pretty well at her appointment until the nurse snapped on the latex gloves and then it was all downhill from there. She was so funny because she whined and told me all about for a very long time after!

We spent election night at Brian's parents, and then came home, put the kids in bed, and then stayed up much too late watching the election coverage. Although, I'm less than thrilled with the results, the big impression that I have from the night is seeing an elderly black gentleman in Chicago surrounded by a sea of cheering Obama supporters as they announced him the winner. The man just stood there with tears rolling down his cheeks, and I know that he was remembering the days that he wasn't allowed to ride the same bus or eat in the same restaurants simply because of the color of his skin.

Mayme and I are going shopping at a boutique warehouse sale today. It's nice to have a shopping partner in crime, and I think it's safe to say that Rory and Emma are the best-dressed girls in Cheatham County. :)

Speaking of shopping, if you're in the mood to shop, Gymboree is having an extra 30% off your entire purchase this weekend. Use code GYMFRIEND. And Sephora is also having their once a year 20% off entire purchase sale. Use code FF2008.

We had this for supper last night, and it was seriously fantastic. I'm not a huge fan of packaged meals, but sometimes keep them on hand for when I need something fast, and this was GOOD. You can print a coupon at the website, which would make your total cost $4 - our family of 4 ate one meal.

And now for the random pictures.

Wearing the birthday
outfit from Aunt Becky.

This is for Uncle Rodney and Aunt Linda.
Brian is thoroughly enjoying his fried
bologna sandwich - thanks!

Papa and Granny doing a little fishing

Gramps showing Camden the ropes,
although he might not need the help.
He caught 6 fish on his own Tuesday!

This is the face I get when I ask
her to look at my eyes.

Getting ready to trick or treat

After trick or treating, she sat down on the floor
and spread out her package of smarties.

Just a good picture of Camden


Maria said…
I am frankly MORTIFIED that there was a kids clothing sale and you didn't invite me. GIRL!!!! Keep me in mind for the next one. I am a clothing freak (but, shhhhhh... don't tell Kevin about it, ok?).
Maria said…
Oh, and PS, I was just at Gymboree in H'ville today and they have some cutesy stuff on sale and the 30% off coupon works on that too. WHOO HOO!!!

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