Fall (or winter?) has finally decided to arrive in TN. It's in the 30's this morning and I'm freezing! Not complaining, though - I love the change in seasons.

Our weekend was b.u.s.y! Brian worked late Friday night trying to get ready for his fall festival, then we had revival at church Friday night. He spent Saturday working on the fall festival, which was a success Saturday night.

I spent Friday and Saturday cleaning the house. I keep the house generally in order, but I've been bitten by an organization bug and am trying to get closets, drawers, etc. organized. I spent hours Friday and Saturday working in Rory and Camden's rooms and closets, and they look so much better. I'm going to tackle the bathrooms this week. I'm not a pack rat by any means (that title would go to Brian), but for some reason I cannot throw away make-up or bath stuff. It's about to all get tossed, though! I figure if I haven't used it in the 3-4 months, then I probably don't need it. Next up will be the filing cabinets. After two adoptions, we've got paperwork galore! Not to mention just the monthly bills and doctor's info.

The best thing I got to do this weekend was meet Melissa and her husband Greg, and their three kids: Noah, Logan, and Molly. We started the adoption process at the same time and used the same agency in Minnesota. They received their referral a couple of weeks ahead of us. Melissa was so encouraging through the whole process and while we were in Korea, we emailed back and forth furiously. They drove through Tennessee on their way home from vacation so we met up. Logan and Rory, who are both 2, were so cute playing together - they really hit it off! Molly was just as sweet as she could be. I'll post pictures soon. One funny thing that happened is that several people asked us if they were twins. Now, Rory was a head taller than Molly, clearly older, and they look nothing alike. I guess that people assumed two little Asian girls in the same McDonald's playland must be related.

Brian is super-busy at school this week, but it's a fairly quiet week for us at home. I keep wondering if life is supposed to be this busy, but I guess we had our "easy" time when there were no kids and Brian only had one job! It's probably only going to get busier as the kids get older. I do worry about Brian, though. He is so busy and spends so much time working trying to provide for us. I am so grateful to have a husband that is willing to do whatever it takes - I just wish he had a bit more time in every day!

One quick funny story about Camden. Right before we met Melissa and her family, I was giving him the usual spiel about obeying, replying to them if they asked a question, etc. He said, "Mommy, can I ask them questions? Cause I've got lots of questions." (Oh, yes he does!) When we got back into the car to go home, I asked him why he didn't ask any questions, and he said, "Well, the questions all fell out of my head at the playland."


Great comment by Camden!
Joy said…
When you finish your house, will you come start on mine?? :)
M :-) said…
We had so much fun with you guys! I am LOL at Camden. I was waiting for the questions, and wondered why he didn't ask any. That's a bummer that they all fell out of his head. ;)

I hope we can get together again next year ... only for a longer time - and while it is still light out! :)

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