Camden missed his nap FOUR days last week. And apparently this is not going to be a trend, but our new normal since he did not go to asleep yet again during nap time yesterday. I may not survive napless days. I'm thinking "quiet time in your room" will replace nap time.

Rory has a new phrase: ma too ("my turn" for those of you who don't speak in Rory-ese). We hear this new phrase alot, and she's got it down pat as to when to use it. Unfortunately, her idea of "ma too" is not quite the same as Camden's, which can lead to blood curdling screams from both kids with maybe a pinch and slap thrown in from Rory. I hear this sharing thing doesn't really get any better, but I am determined to not live in a household of blood curdling screams. Any suggestions? I think it probably requires more patience than I'll ever have.

Brian is sick with a cold, and I'm just praying he doesn't pass it around. Typically, his colds are over before you know it, but this one is on day 3 and still going strong.

We're having another pajama day today (I'm thinking the cold, dreary weather is going to give us lots of these), and I'm trying to figure out how to tell Camden that we had a downpour last night and it's frigid outside which means there will be no jumping in the leaves like I promised him. I bet a Wii session will make a good substitute.

I'm also working on laundry and cleaning house today. Sounds fun, doesn't it.

She's much too cute (and knows it).

Showing off her first ponytail

Asleep on the couch after not taking a nap.


Barbara said…
Hi Melissa. Having taught kindergarten & pre-K for 7 years I can definitely relate to the sharing issue. One good trick to try is putting whatever they are fighting over into timeout. The top of the frig is a good spot. And tell them that since they can not share it, no one gets to play with it. After awhile you can bring it back down and try letting them share it again.

Also, when my boys were four they pretty much stopped taking naps, but I still needed the quiet time. So the rule was they had to stay in their beds. They could read a book or play with a quiet toy, but they had to stay in their bed until "quiet time" was over. Sometimes they'd be asleep when I came in to let them up, sometimes not, but it definitely gave me some peace.
Anonymous said…
So sorry Camden has grown beyond naps! It is always so sad when they outgrow the need for naps!

If you find out how to cure the blood curdling screams, would you please pop over to my blog and let me know the secret???!!!! (0:

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