Cake Balls

Knock on wood, but Camden and Rory played very well again together yesterday. Two days in a row must surely be a record for our family. We had a quick shopping trip that was pretty uneventful, although I did pick up a couple of gifts. I've been searching for a cute coat for Rory, but the only thing I can find are those huge puffer coats, and I'm not really interested in that. I've got a pink puffer coat from Korea that Rory can still fit into but for sentimental reasons I was trying to avoid using it. It still smells like Korea and Mrs. Park's house, and brings back lots of memories. I think we're going to use it, though. It seems unreasonable to buy another one when this one still fits.

Last night I made cake balls and chex mix for a bake sale/blood drive PVCS was having for Christian today. I'll just go ahead and give you the cake ball recipe cause I know you're going to want to try them!

Cake Ball Recipe
1 cake mix
1 can icing
1 pkg almond bark

Bake the cake; while still warm pull apart cake and mix with can of icing in large bowl.
Form into small balls and freeze for 20 minute or until firm.
Melt almond bark and then dip cake balls; drizzle with sprinkles, chopped up candy canes, etc.

They taste really good and look kinda fancy. However, they are VERY
messy to make. I used a melon scoop so that they had a flat bottom, and after I
took them out of the freezer, I used a fork to hold the ball and then spooned
the melted chocolate over them.
You can use any combination of cake/icing
that you like. I used yellow cake and chocolate icing.
Brian is officially on Thanksgiving break and it was nice to have him around this morning. We spent a couple of hours at the blood drive/bake sale helping out. I really, really hate to give blood. It makes me very queasy (I can't even watch others do it) but had talked myself into it until I had that 4-day stomach flu. The thought of intentionally making myself queasy again was too much.Brian, who usually faints or is light-headed did give blood with no drama.

I'm getting off relatively easy for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. We're going to Brian's parents house, and I'm only responsible for a corn casserole, sweet potatoes and pie. I'm glad that my sister and brother-in-law will get to be there with us as well.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Joy said…
Oh my! The cake balls look SO good! :)

Have a great Thanksgiving - I'll be making sweet potatoes too. ;) That's about all I CAN cook - LOL!
M :-) said…
I'm still searching for a coat for Molly. I cannot find anything I like. I need to find something soon!

If you liked the cake balls, you should try Oreo balls - they are SO good! :)
Jaime said…
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Melissa!
Matt Millard said…
The cake balls look devine! I am going to try and make them today. Wish me luck, cooking/baking just isn't my thing but these look to good to pass up!
Maria said…
I had forgotten ALL ABOUT cake balls until I saw this post. I made a LOT of them one year (probably made myself sick which is why I forgot about them). I think I just might make more!! Yours look yummy!! Glad you are feeling better.

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