Happy Birthday to Me

How bad is it that I'm a year older than I've thought all year? I know - it's ridiculous. Last year I knew that I was turning 32, but somehow throughout the year I forgot and until about 2 weeks ago thought that I was still 31. So turning 33 this year is a bigger blow than usual! LOL When you're 33, there's pretty much no big celebration, but Brian did run out and get me coffee this morning, and I'm going to lunch with my group of Wednesday girls. I did a little shopping at Sephora's sale last week, and we're hoping to squeeze date night into Thanksgiving weekend to celebrate in a couple of weeks.

We finally made those Halloween cookies yesterday (it's only been on the schedule every day since the week before Halloween), and Camden loved heaping sprinkles onto each cookie. Rory couldn't quite figure out how to actually drop the sprinkles so she was covered in frosting, but had lots of fun!

I've been putting pressure on myself to try to potty train Rory after talking to several friends recently whose girls are younger than Rory and are trained or at least starting. It's usually obvious when she's having a bowel movement (the straining and holding onto the door for dear life are pretty good signs), and I always ask if she's going potty and she says yes. Well, in the last week or so, she looks at me and says potty when she's going. Over the weekend, I started rushing her to the toilet every time. It is very clear that she has no clue what I'm asking her to do, and now she cries if I put her on the toilet. So I think our brief potty training experiment is over for now.

Last night at supper, we were casually talking about Korea (I can't even remember what brought up the topic) and Camden said something to the effect of "Don't you remember when we were in Korea and I was riding with Mrs. Lee on the subway, and I cried and cried because I loved her so much and was sad to leave Korea?" Now, we didn't travel to Korea with Camden, and we've never mentioned him riding on a subway with his foster mom - this is all his imagination. He kept saying, "but don't you remember?" So we went through the whole airport story again, etc., and I think he finally got it. I have a strong feeling he's jealous about our trip to Korea with Rory. Honestly, this whole new sister/Rory thing has been tough on him. I think he feels insecure even after almost 9 months of having Rory at home, and I don't know quite how to "fix" it. I've been making extra efforts to be loving and affectionate to him, but age 5 has been a tough age for him (and us!).

This picture of Rory and Camden cracks me up. They love to play "bedtime" and pull all their bed stuff off and take turns going to sleep. It's about the only time they play and get along!


Happy Birthday!! If it makes you feel any better, I'm always shocked to see the "33" next to my age as well... sigh...

I don't have any advice on the potty training (Sorry) but the story made me laugh! (Is that wrong?!)
Joy said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! :) If you think 33 is bad, try 37 - LOL! :) Hope you have a great day and get some time alone - a great gift. ;)

Love the Rory story - I'm not looking forward to the potty training (again) either. Good luck!
Amanda said…
Happy Birthday Melissa! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Whenever you start feeling bad about Rory not being potty trained just think of Hannah and Tre. They were both 4 before they were interested and it all worked out just fine. Don't stress it too much.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Melissa!! i hope you have a wonderful day and blessed year ahead.
I love reading your blog and hearing yours stories :)

Have a wonderful day
Lisa Sailors
How did I forget to come back here and leave a comment yesterday...
Add me to the 33 club too...
How old is Rory again? If she is crying when you take her, back down a little and start asking her or telling her, you are getting ready to go potty (or you are going potty) do you want to go pee/poop on the toilet instead of your diaper? wonder if she will say yes? or maybe that will at least help her associate the toilet w/ going potty!
Good luck!
Bella trained for the most part on her own and only a couple accidents! (Even at night) Now E is still in pull-ups at night...
she will when she is ready!
Wendy said…
Happy belated birthday Melissa!

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