Best Yard Sale Purchase

Camden and Rory played so well together all morning yesterday. It was wonderful (and not likely to happen again in the near future). Typically, if I'm lucky enough for them to play together, it's with this stroller (the best yard sale purchase we've ever made). Now that Rory received accessories to go with it for her birthday, Camden straps on the diaper bag over his shoulder (at least he makes it look like a man-bag), Rory puts her purse over her shoulder, and off they go. They alternate who gets to push the stroller and who has to hold on to the side of the stroller (which is what I make Camden do when we're out).

I love mail these days. In the last several days, we've received several of my scrapping Christmas projects, our Christmas cards, some new make-up I purchased, Etsy gifts I've purchased for friends, and my two favorite arrivals: our Angela Crutcher prints and a Shaohannah's Hope 5-year anniversary book. Our prints look great and we also received the cutest proof book. I cannot wait to get them all framed and hanging up in the family room. The Shaohannah's Hope book is a great publication, and imagine my surprise when I see our family on page 4! We received a grant from them for Rory's adoption and they used our picture to represent Korea.

Another fun thing about mail these days is that Camden and Rory are fascinated with all the catalogs. Camden especially will just pore over them. Rory will spend quite a bit of time looking at them as well. Maybe I should save them and pull them out for a rainy day. Who needs toys!

I'm going to have to survive today on very little sleep. I seriously hate insomnia. I may have to go to the doctor again because I don't know how to survive and still be cheerful (much less patient) on 3-4 hours of sleep every night. Rory had her own isues last night and woke up multiple times coughing. I think she may be developing an ear infection. She isn't running a fever so I may wait and see how she does today, but I'm thinking a doctor's visit might be in our future.

I'm going to make a quick run to Opry Mills today. Hopefully it won't be too crazy over there yet. This will most definitely be my last trip until after Christmas. While I enjoy Christmas shopping and the crowds, when you have to wait on the interstate to even get into the mall parking lot is a little too busy even for me.

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Vonda and John said…
I am finally catching up! Happy Birthday. I hope you are feeling better AND the kids are as cute as ever. Also, re: potty training Rory - I used to get aggravated when people would tell me that they do it in their own time. I thought Lacie would never get it. But FINALLY she did and she was way past age 3. So, I hope for your sake that Rory does potty train early but if she does not, she is not abnormal - and not even late.

Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving!

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