Much Too Cute

I grabbed the camera yesterday as the kids were playing and took a few pictures. They are seriously just much too cute. I know - you're not supposed to say things like that about your own kids, but I had nothing to do with their biological make-up or looks so I can say it! :) With Rory's hair pulled back like this, she looks alot like the first few pictures we took of her in Korea when we met her. Her foster mother had her hair pulled back from her face like this. (Side note: take a look at her ears. They're the same size as Camdens. When we got back to our hotel room in Korea, one of the first things Brian and I commented to each other was that she had big--but cute--ears.)

I found Rory playing with a bug yesterday (can I get a collective "eeeewwwwwww"?). At least it was just a ladybug - they're fairly low on the "ick" factor. I have Camden to blame for this. He thinks they're his "friends."

Still no nap for Camden yesterday, but I made him go to bed early to make up for it. Of course, that backfired when he was up before 6:30 this morning. Remember when I mentioned a while ago that he does a version of sleepwalking and tends to go potty in crazy places (such as the dish washer?). Well, the last 3 nights I've caught him right before the act. I have a feeling it's because he's not taking naps so he's sleeping extra hard and then is really out of it when he tries to wake up to go potty. Thank goodness I caught him last night as he was trying to go down into the basement. I have a feeling he would have fallen, and those stairs are wooden with a concrete floor beneath.

So the sharing/my turn thing is still not going well. Rory has now progressed to thinking that everything Camden has is fair game a long as she says "my turn." Her little 2-year old brain just doesn't get the right concept yet. Well, that and the fact that Camden does the exact same thing to her and she follows right along, but can't understand why he doesn't play the "my turn" game the same way.

Well, I'm running late this morning because not only did I run out for coffee, but I also tackled a shower and drying this ridiculous mane of hair I've got. My Wednesday friends are coming over and should be here shortly so I need to do some last minute straightening up.

Dani Mogstad/Kay Miller/Susan Bartolini: Bountiful Blessings


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