I actually made progress in my "project organization" yesterday - I threw away an entire garbage bag of stuff from our bathroom. What's even worse is that the cabinets are still basically full! How did we get so much junk? I may have to make another run through. Do you think it's too much if I kept 6 bottles of (unopened) shower gel? Brian had 4 containers of deodorant. Seriously. That might be too much information to share on the blog - it makes it sound like we're living in filth, and I promise we're not! :)

We all kind of dragged yesterday. I did get things done around the house as well as grocery shopped, but no one was really in a good mood around here. Rory was very quiet and needy yesterday. She's done this before, and it always makes us worry. She wants to be held, and if we're not holding her, she walks around the house with tears in her eyes, dragging her towel, and sucking her lips furiously (sucking her lips and a serious addiction to her towel is what she did in our early days home). Camden was just in a generally bad mood all day.

I spent some time reading the Bible yesterday on being content (yes, again) as well as reading more of Revolutionary Parenting. This whole parenting thing is hard and trying to raise your children to be people of character is even more difficult. And as a SAHM with a husband who has 2 jobs and is gone more and more (this is not his choice; it's just the way it is), I am feeling the heavy burden of being responsible for not only the physical care of my kids, but also the spiritual and emotional care of them.

Last night as we were picking up before bedtime, I sent Rory to her room to put away her phone. She came back out with her camera. I sent her to put away the camera and she came back with her drum. I sent her back to put away the camera and she came out like this . . .

. . . and we couldn't stop laughing.

It's a dreary day outside, and we have no plans so we declared it a "comfy clothes" day, and we're staying in and doing nothing except play (and hopefully take long naps!).

Here are the pictures from meeting Melissa and her family on Saturday. Unfortunately, the photo ops in a McDonald's playland after dark aren't that great, but we did take a few anyway!

The two Melissa's, Rory and Molly

I thought this picture was funny - no idea what Rory was looking at!

This is the best picture I got - it was impossible
to get them both looking in the same direction.

Rory and Noah

Rory and Logan - these two
seriously hit it off and were so cute!

I told you they were cute!


Lena said…
Oh, those are cute photos! I'm sorry you're feeling overwhelmed! Parenting can be one constant worry that you're doing a good job but I'm sure you ARE!
LuAnn said…
cute cute cute photos!! love the one of Rory in the hat!! LOL the feeling of overwhelm doesn't lessen any as they get older - my 18 year is giving me a run for my money. somedays I could just walk away - not really but you understand what I mean!
Oh melissa I am always looking up to you... reading books and the bible...things I wish I was making time for that!
Love the stories of Rory
and OMG what a cute bunch of kids! and how nice you got to meet up with them! Hopefully it will become a life long freindship!
M :-) said…
Parenting is very hard! You are a wonderful Mom -- meeting your kids in person was proof of that. They listen so well, and Camden was such a polite little boy. I really wish we lived closer to each other - I'm having one of those days, too, and I'd love to have someone else who understands. (Miss M is acting "off" today ...)

We're having a comfy clothes day - actually, we all put our pajamas back on. The weather is gloomy, so we're just hanging out and relaxing.

Love the pictures. The boys were so excited to see themselves on the computer. LOL! Rory & Logan are too cute together! (think we can hook them up in a few years?!?!)
Vanessa said…
She is just the cutest thing ever.

You're a great mom. I feel overwhelmed a lot, I think its natural too.
Anonymous said…

I know how long and hard the days can seem at home. It was a couple of days after we found out about Christian's cancer that I was so thankful for the days we had at home just being together. Pajama days may not seem like a lot of excitement right now but they will become some of your most cherished memories. It still doen't make it any easier though does it?
Kresta said…
Aww, such adorable photos!

I totally hear ya on parenting being hard. My hubby was out of town last week and it was an extremely hard week. There's such a responsibility to do more than just provide the basics, the necessities -- we have to teach character. But it's absolutely exhausting! Just know you're not alone.
ComfyMom~Stacey said…
Those are adorable photos. My boys have been having moody days lately too only they show it by getting grumpy at every little thing
Anonymous said…
What cute pics..I love how you put frames around them :)
Its so hard to clean up with kids...I keep telling myself 14 years and Ill have a clean house...lol

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