Sunday, October 14, 2007


I can't believe how quickly my 4 days off went by! Here's a quick recap.

Thursday I had lunch with my friends, then Brian and I headed to the zoo with Camden. Somehow those zoo trips are never quite as much fun as I remember, but Camden had a pretty good time. He was kind of in a quiet mood, but he really loved the reptile house with all the snakes and fish and nasty bugs. He was quite insistent on intently peering into every single glass enclosure and finding the creatures (ya know, the ones that are always hidden!). Thursday night was soccer practice (I skipped out on that!).

Friday we sent Camden off to school and Brian and I headed out to run errands together; had lunch at Logan's, grocery shopped, etc. It was nice to be out and about for a bit.

Saturday Camden had a soccer game, and they won their very first game! I think the final score was 8 to 1. Winning or losing doesn't seem to be a big deal to Camden right now, which is why they don't keep official score I guess. He had fun drinking gatorade during the breaks and learning all sorts of new burping skills from the other kids. Saturday night Brian and I watched (well, let me clarify - I watched; Brian slept) Deja Vu which stars Denzel Washington. It was very good! We haven't watched a movie in forever it seems.

Today was a normal Sunday. The house is pretty quiet right now, though. Camden is spending the night with Gram and Gramps. He's on fall break tomorrow so they asked if they could keep him. They just bought a new puppy so I'm sure he will enjoy himself immensely.

I think that's the weekend in a nutshell. Here are a couple of page I finished up.


MyEbella said...

sounds like a great weekend!!! =)

Loved Deja-Vu and love the new pages!!!!

M :-) said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. :) I love the new LO's!