Monday, October 01, 2007

10 months

Ten months and counting - that's how long it's been since we started this second adoption. We're now past the length of a pregnancy (for all those well-meaning people who like to remind me that everyone else has to wait too). Maybe it won't be too much longer. I know others who have waited longer and are still waiting, but it doesn't make my wait easier to remind myself of that. I'm sure it should, but it doesn't! We're now quickly approaching the date that our agency said we would have a referral by, but it's not looking so positive. I know that God has the perfect little girl in mind for us, and I do remind myself of that often, but the wait is getting difficult.

This is a pretty busy week for us. Brian is gaining more and more responsibility at school, which is good, but hard too. Today he has the unique opportunity of being the teacher with his mom as the teacher's aid. Kinda funny, and I'm pretty sure he would have never anticipated that happening a year ago. I think she's even bringing him lunch.

Camden recently moved up into the 4 year old Sunday School class, and we are just thrilled with his teacher. She clearly knows just how to get to the heart of a 4 year old because we cannot believe how he remembers every little detail and nuance of the Bible stories and lessons she tells. It is very sweet. Yesterday, they must have had a missions moment because he told us all about the families who don't have enough food to eat and how they don't have real roads and they've got to use rivers and creeks and trails to travel on, etc. It's so nice to see him learning so much.

I have a ton of layouts loaded up here, and most of them are from the last several weeks. I listed a description after each page.

Camden and Uncle Rodney last October

Camden and Grandpa at Grant's Farm last October

Camden's first show and tell. He took the postcard from Grandma and Grandpa to school.

Camden's first trip (and only so far) to the Pumpkin Patch in October 2005

Just a sweet picture of Camden - I was trying out a new scrapping technique.

Xavier at the pool in August

Me and Camden - his new favorite thing is to have our picture taken together


JillY said...

I love your blog! My Mom was actually pregnant with me for 10 months as she loves to tell everyone who will listen! Still, I know that the adoption labor is hard and I am pulling for you! I love the picture do you do that?????
Jillyann1 (from Holt board)

bodegalee said...

DEF praying that you get your referral soon! I'm so sorry the wait has been so long, but as you know God has the perfect little sweetie all picked out for you! It's just got to be soon!

Amanda said...

I love your layouts. I always enjoy coming here to see the new ones. I downloaded a free trial of workshop and have been trying to do some digital scrapping but I am not getting it. I need you to show me how sometime, if you ever get any free time. I really want to learn!