Sunday, October 21, 2007

Making Strides

Saturday was the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. Elizabeth (my youngest sister) put together a team, got t-shirts made for us, and raised money and we all walked together in honor of Becky. I can't believe there were so many of us! It was actually alot of fun (after the first 2 hilly miles were over). There were more shades of pink there than I ever knew existed. Many teams wore t-shirts with pictures that said, "in memory of . . " I saw one man with a flag and pink ribbons with a woman's picture on it that said, "My Patricia, this is for you." Very sweet and so sad. We walked the 5 miles in about 1 hour, twenty minutes. I will admit to being a little sore this morning, but not too bad.

Before the Walk
During the Walk
End of the Walk
Our weekend was very full as usual! I did the walk Saturday morning then met Brian and Camden at the soccer field. Camden's team won (second weekend in a row), which is always more fun than losing! Unfortunately, Brian had yet another funeral to attend this weekend. His best friend's father-in-law passed away unexpectedly. This is the third weekend in 4 weeks that we've had funerals to attend. Saturday night one of my good friends from work got married. It was a beautiful wedding too!

This whole adoption journey is so full of ups and downs emotionally and last week was a very disappointing one. My wise sister Elizabeth told me to just let go it every day and give it to God every morning and then go on with my life. I'm trying to!

This week is fall break for students, so I have a 3-day work week again, which is so nice! I'm looking forward to a couple of days off.

I have not scrapped this weekend at all, but I did finish up this page last week. They're old pictures of Camden when he was just 2.


Karen said...

Great Strides pics! Our event was today... As a happy American Cancer Society employee: THANKS! It's fun for me to see other people enjoying the events! Love the new page!

MyEbella aka Kim said...

I love the new scrapbook page and glad you guys had a great walk!!

I know how hard the adoption journey can be, as much as it sucks, it will happen and all with the right timing!

Sending prayers your way

M :-) said...

Great pictures!

(((hugs))) on the adoption front. I know how awful the emotional rollercoaster is. Hang in there!